COVID-19 District Wide Report September 12, 2022

  •  The following table provides historical data and new lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases involving Jackson Public Schools staff members and students as reported to the District on a daily basis.  Individuals who have tested positive are considered "active" and may not return to campus until they have completed the required isolation period. Please note, the accuracy of this data is contingent upon the joint efforts of 小黄书 staff and families' participation in this process.


    Student Enrollment

    Staff Enrollment
    Total Student Enrollment: 18,456 Total Staff Employment: 3,278

Reporting Period: Month of August 2022

Total Student Cases Reported School Year 2022-2023 - Positive Cases

Total Staff Cases Reported School Year 2022-2023 - Positive Cases

Last Modified on September 12, 2022