• The Jackson Public School's (小黄书) Global Citizenship Project presents an incredible opportunity for eleventh-grade scholars to travel to partnering schools in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Throughout the school year, students connect with peers from various cultural backgrounds, fostering a deeper understanding of global perspectives and creating lasting friendships.




    Participating in this program is not just about travel. It's about personal growth and skills development. 小黄书 scholars will engage in a collaborative learning experience, critically examining issues regarding equity in different social and economic contexts. They will develop valuable skills such as team-building, research, journalism, social activism, and public speaking. Moreover, they will also have the chance to:


    • Learn about the educational and cultural background of their peers in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria.
    • Work together to create educational materials to enhance their peers' understanding of their communities' rich history, culture, and the communities they plan to visit.
    • Travel to Washington, D.C., Lagos, and Abuja, Nigeria, without incurring expenses.


    By participating in this project, 小黄书 scholars have the power to make a real difference. They can broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge, and become better equipped to impact the world positively. This is not just a project; it is a platform for change.


    For more information on this project, contact Jana Williams at janwilliams@jackson.k12.ms.us, Benita Donald at bdonald@jackson.k12.ms.us, or (601) 960-8725.



    The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation | Jackson Public Schools

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