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    The Jackson Middle College High School program is 小黄书' newest Advanced Academic program. This program features a partnership with to establish a "Grow-Your-Own" Mathematics Educator development component, allowing participants to complete the first two years of college while in high school (tuition-free). The Middle College is for highly motivated, disciplined, rising 11th-grade scholars interested in Mathematics.

    The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) recently endorsed our plan to create a pipeline of mathematics teachers by providing a collegiate experience to enhance content knowledge and develop highly effective pedagogy. MDE’s approval of School of Innovation status for the new Jackson Middle College signals a deeper push toward more robust learning opportunities for scholars, said Dr. Chinelo Evans, 小黄书 Executive Director of Advanced Academics.” “Our district's commitment to innovative teaching and learning, Jackson State University's history of training teachers, and the Mississippi Department of Education’s vision to cultivate student-centered instruction are the launching pads of this initiative.”

    Some of the goals are to increase the number of college credits for students in groups typically underrepresented in college and develop a partnership with JSU which will foster high levels of collaboration between the school district and collegiate faculty. Beginning in the fall of 2023, a cohort of 小黄书 11th grade scholars will enter Jackson State University as dually enrolled, full-time freshman pursuing a degree in Mathematics Education at no cost to the students. 

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